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About the Committee

W&DRC has a committee of up to 12 elected voting members and can co-opt non-voting members for special tasks.

The term of service is usually three years.

Committee meetings are normally held monthly and sub-committees are formed to organise specific events. Each year at the AGM the longest serving four stand down and may then stand again if they wish, or be replaced by others keen to take a part in the running of the club. Most committee members have specific roles and all are involved in decision-making on behalf of the membership. All can be contacted if you have anything you wish to discuss and are open to ideas and criticism - good or otherwise!

The chairman, honorary secretary and honorary treasurer are elected annually by the committee. A chairman may be re-elected a maximum of three consecutive years before standing down and may not hold the post again for a year, other than in exceptional circumstances

Out of pocket expenses are reimbursed by the club.

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Your Committee Members 2020

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Alison Harris

Alison Harris

BRC Official Steward
Health & Safety
Landline: 01905 452183
Mobile: 07836 584400
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Jodie Aston

Honorary Secretary
Mobile: 07949 320618
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Joyce Brown

Honorary Treasurer
Membership Secretary
Landline: 01905 641721
Mobile: 07730 583078
Email Joyce
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Karen Richardson

Senior Area Teams
Landline: 01886 888482
Mobile: 07977 742059
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Flu Vaccination Checker

Beth Evans

Safeguarding Officer
Junior Area Teams
Mobile: 07955 827755
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Chris Rose

Mobile: 07584 697121
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Catherine Rose

Area teams assistant
Mobile: 07790 640847
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Sarah Roberts and Anna Penzer

Mercian Teams
Email Sarah
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Lauren Poole

Social Media
Mobile: 07479 799765
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Jo Elliott

Mobile: 07825 154586‬
email Jo: