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WDRC awards 2021 season and AGM

January 21st 2022

at Droitwich Golf Club - guest speaker Olympian Geoff Billington



If you aren't coming to the dinner or AGM but wish to buy raffle tickets please give your money to someone who is coming - they are only available on the night. It will be harder NOT to win something than to win!



See PDF below for the final table plan and menu choices

There will be an envelope on every table containing tickets for each course and a list of who is on the table and their menu choices. If I received a bulk order not specifying who was having what I have allocated the choices but please swap with each other if I guessed incorrectly.

The tickets are colour coded so please ensure you take the correct one according to your choice when you go up to the buffet for both main course and dessert.


Don't worry about mixing them up with your raffle tickets - the raffle tickets are a

completely different colour from the meal tickets