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Now more than half a century old, Worcester & District Riding Club thrives due to an active membership and support from many equine-related businesses, to whom we are most grateful. Let's hope the next 60 years are as successful! For the published schedules see Events/schedules

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Welcome to the home page of Worcester & District Riding Club


Above: South West regional showjumping champions 2021

L/R Chris Rose, Beth Evans, Heather Jordan and Jessica-Tae Edwards

Below: More champions in 2021 - showing how stylish Worcester's riders are are L/R Catherine Bertram, Heather Jordan, Chris Rose and Lizzie Davidge


The club will pay your pre-entry fees for area qualifiers and your championship entry fees on the understanding you help with least one fundraiser during the year. We also subsidise quality training. Likewise if you are a Mercian competitor the club will pay for every fourth competition. Jobs range from poo-picking to fence judging to scoring to writing for judges and everything inbetween. Whilst the committee organises the competitions, we can't run the events to raise the money for our members if you don't help at one of our two major fundraisers, or when helpers are required at events organised by other clubs or by HQ. To give you a rough idea if you compete regularly either with area or Mercian we save you well over £100.


HOT NEWS!!!! Juniors can now enter Mercian competitions as part of a team. If you are under 18 and wish to join please download this document:membership application form (PDF) or as a Word document to fill in and return by email click HERE.
The club has now been established and affiliated to the BHS for more than 60 years and draws members from Worcester, Droitwich and surrounding towns and villages. We have riding members and non-riding members, senior (18+) and junior members. All who volunteer their help at an event are entitled to subsidies from the funds raised.
Abilities range from the novice and/or nervous to accomplished and we aim to cater for all with training and competitions - which there is no obligation to enter.
Mercian competitions are part of a local league.These are ideal for the novice or nervous or those with young horses wishing to build confidence. And now that Mercian teams can have up to two juniors in them it's an ideal way for families to compete together. We send teams and individuals to events with competitions ranging from walk and trot dressage to novice, 2'3" jumping to 2'9", arena eventing and a one-day event. Mercian competitions are ideal for those who hate being under pressure - the emphasis is on fun!
Please click here for Mercian Rules.

W&DRC is part of Area 18 of British Riding Clubs. Affiliated clubs stage and compete at qualifiers for the national championships. Area has its own website which you can visit here

Area competitions are for those stepping up from Mercian level or already competing at high level. Area qualifiers lead on to national championships. All horses competing at this level must have up to date vaccinations with a correct vaccination history. If you're not sure about yours, please use the Vaccination Checker on this website. From March 1st 2020 horses competing at qualifiers will have to have had their last jab in the six months and 21 days prior to the competition, but not in the six days immediately prior.

Our emphasis is on providing training for all levels, fellowship, fun and the opportunity to compete.
The club has a friendly atmosphere and the committee is very approachable and open to feedback and suggestions.
While the committee runs the club, it can not run every event without assistance and we require all members to help at something at least once a year.
This can be helping set up or clear away, judging, stewarding, preparing lunches - a variety of opportunities!

By clicking on the different headings you will get a detailed view of the benefits of being a member of W&DRC - and access to a membership application form (PDF) (or HERE as a WORD document) should you wish to join.
The club's safeguarding policy and codes of conduct are on the membership application form and should be read and adhered to by all members, parents and guardians.